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The problem with processing the atmospheric profile data after 11 May 2016 has been corrected. Please let me know if you encounter any other problems.

Landsat-8 TIRS Band 10 support has been added here. Please note that there is still some uncertainty in the TIRS calibration due to a stray light effect in the telescope. See the Jan. 29, 2014 calibration notice for details. Due to the larger uncertainity in the TIRS Band 11, it is not recommended that Band 11 be used for atmospheric correction, including for split-window techniques at this time. Stray light studies are on-going.
Please email me if you have questions.

There have been problems recently with the site being queried too rapidly, resulting in "Bad Descriptor" errors and users mistakenly sent the wrong results. If you are using an automated method to query the site, please don't send queries more frequently than every 30 seconds. I am not sure of how to correct the issue other than slowing queries down for now. Thanks for your cooperation.
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Enter the parameters for which you wish calculate atmospheric transmission and upwelling radiance:

Year: Month: Day:
GMT Hour: Minute:

+ is North, - is South
+ is East, - is West
  Use atmospheric profile for closest integer lat/long help
  Use interpolated atmospheric profile for given lat/long help

  Use mid-latitude summer standard atmosphere for upper atmospheric profile help
  Use mid-latitude winter standard atmosphere for upper atmospheric profile help

  Use Landsat-8 TIRS Band 10 spectral response curve
  Use Landsat-7 Band 6 spectral response curve
  Use Landsat-5 Band 6 spectral response curve
  Output only atmospheric profile, do not calculate effective radiances

Optional: Surface Conditions
(If you do not enter surface conditions, model predicted surface conditions will be used.
If you do enter surface conditions, all four conditions must be entered.)

Altitude (km): Pressure (mb):
Temperature (C): Relative Humidity (%):

Results will be sent to the following address:

Reference: Barsi, J.A., J.L. Barker, J.R. Schott. An Atmospheric Correction Parameter Calculator for a Single Thermal Band Earth-Sensing Instrument. IGARSS03, 21-25 July 2003, Centre de Congres Pierre Baudis, Toulouse, France.

Reference: Barsi, J.A., J.R. Schott, F.D. Palluconi, S.J. Hook. Validation of a Web-Based Atmospheric Correction Tool for Single Thermal Band Instruments. Earth Observing Systems X, Proc. SPIE Vol. 5882, August 2005, San Diego, CA.

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